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  We have successfully makes removal solution with 2008


System Integrator Remote Solutions Ltd. "Leading Technology" offers ready solutions for the remote server in Europe for companies of any level. We only deal with profiled remote solutions for over 6 years, and the first who started reklamrovat solutions to its customers. We have tried and tested in your portfolio practice to solve problems of any level of complexity. If you have decided or are considering the possibility of organizing remote work for your business, then we are the ones you need.


Today we are pleased to offer turnkey solutions to create remote infrastructure, they include everything that is required for a full or partial transfer of your work to a remote site. Our company has all the number of specialists that will help you create a remote site for your work extremely quickly and at affordable money.


REMOTE READY SOLUTIONS FROM "leading technology"


The remote server "STANDARD"


This solution is perfect for small businesses. Affordable and justifiable cost-effective solution to help you build your business is safe and convenient. The minimum start-up costs, provide reliable quality of your company on a 24 \ 7. At a low price in the price of the service includes all the necessary services and facilities that may be required.

The remote server "PREMIUM"


The decision of "Premium" class has high reliability, high performance and full redundancy of all key services, both software and hardware. The decision is aimed at medium and large businesses. The solution allows to quickly deploy a full infrastructure for fukntsionirovaniya all corporate services: e-mail, shared folders, accounting applications, ERP and CRM systems.

Remote server (server) "to order"


Remote customized solutions, performed in cases where the requirements of the project are forced to go beyond the ready-made solutions and require a more detailed examination. Our company has completed a number of large infrastructure projects on migration of customers to remote sites both in Russia and abroad. Today we are ready to design the most complex tehncheskie solutions, taking into account all the needs of business.

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KEY ADVANTAGES OF REMOTE solution for your company

  •     The maximum level of security
  •     Physical distance from the actual location of the company
  •     Application of other legal fields
  •     Language barrier

Result of migration to remote sites

  •     Increased security for 100%
  •     Increase fault tolerance by 40%
  •     Reduced operating costs by 40%
  •     Increased mobility data access 100%

If you have any questions, just contact us, we will gladly tell you all


System integrators Removal Solution Company "leading technology"


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