Datacenters in Latvia

Data Center «Dattum»

The surest center storage and data processing in the Baltic States and Northern Europe, certified in accordance with the standards of TIER III.


We offer rack 47U (height 2089 mm x depth of 1100 mm x 800 mm).

To interconnect infrastructure and connected to an external data network, each rack mounted switch to allow the ports 24 Gbit / s and 3x 10 Gbit / s. In the front there are 24 connection points for power supply with the possibility of increasing their number. Power provided to the front - to 7 kW, but in accordance with customer needs can be increased.

On request the rack can be installed video surveillance, monitoring door opening, as well as individual single or double locks.

Data Center Facilities

Facilities Lattelecom data center built in accordance with ANSI and EuroNorm NE 1047-1 and 1047-2. They are designed in a modular and can easily be expanded if necessary. The data center includes warehouses, intended for short-term storage of equipment before installation.

All facilities are in compliance with fire safety and are equipped with fire alarm systems (ESMI).

Secure data center meets the data center TIER III, involves separating the perimeter around the premises of the data center, round the clock physical security, access control combined RFID and biometrics, as well as remote monitoring and archive records.

The data center has an automatic fire protection system using an inert gas to extinguish.

In building the data center set alarm and BMS (Building Management System), monitors the parameters of climate, power, door sensors and other important parameters of the technical units.


The air conditioning system was developed on the basis of energy efficient technology «free-cool», involving the use of cooling as much as possible the volume of air from the street.

Operation of fans and pumps is controlled depending on the desired volume flow of cold, using the technology of inverter control. For cold air carrier used R410 - Freon new generation that will not harm nature, able to ensure the effectiveness of cooling systems, even if the temperature is outside the data center reaches 50 degrees. As a result, the projected rate of energy efficiency center (PUE) is in the range of 1.1-1.3 units.

In accordance with the requirements of the TIER III infrastructure installed air-conditioning N + 1, allowing a complete stop of a system for repair or maintenance, without affecting the operation of the data center. The result is a high availability of the system - 99,98%.
Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)

The data center has two fully independent systems UPS, designed according to the highest standards TIER IV. This is an additional guarantee, since the system provides power placed in the data center equipment with two symmetrical sides Do not overload the network Latvenergo, distortion of the AC voltage and block contact with high-voltage power supply noise in the circuit equipment.

The efficiency of the system is uniform across the entire range of voltage, and reaches 96%.


Generator system created by N + 1 configuration with three diesel generators in parallel action. Two generators provide fully autonomous operation of the entire system. Exhaust gases comply Eiro 4, the noise level does not exceed 80dB, which is achieved by using special absorbing systems.

Fuel tanks provide fuel supply to the automatic mode. The amount of fuel allows the center to provide autonomous operation without refueling for 24 hours. Each diesel generator have to be in the reservoir base, and two additional double-walled container in a special room. Built as a special panel refueling, allowing to fill the tank from outside the center.
Electric power supply

To ensure power supply of the data center laid two independent voltage medium voltage cables that are connected by high-voltage substations in Latvenergo, and in the center - two independent distributors. Especially for the needs of the data center is built medium voltage substation with dry voltage transformer, which reduces the risk of fire.

The wiring data center use copper cables with fire-resistant insulation. All low-voltage and medium voltage equipment are brand new and complies with EU safety standards, the projected service life - not less than 40 years (until 2050).
Data transmission network

By the data center laid two independent optical input on which two independent routes into two independent core network node serves two optical cables. Through these nodes in the center of the available internet service speed data links and transit with high service availability.
In order to provide transit services used by transmission system DWDM, allowing the volume of data to provide N x 10 Gbps.

For the data center is provided with direct access to both infrastructure BalticNet in the Baltic region, and to the transmission system project Trans Baltic Gateway, connecting Frankfurt to Moscow with a data rate N x 10 Gbit / s.

All Lattelecom data centers are connected to each other in the optical ring that provides a double layer of security data.

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The data center "Riga"


Data center "Riga" - the largest and most powerful in the Baltic States.

The main parameters of the data center "Riga":

    The area of ​​server rooms - 1400 sq. meters - up to 500 RACK places (racks), or 20,000 servers.
    Electricity Power - 2 x 1 MW. Devices APC Symmetra MW UPS, diesel generators SDMO, climate control devices Emerson Network Power.
    Two independent power supply system (N + 1) and C (TIER 3/4).
    Fiber-optic lines 10 Gbit / s.

Data Center services can benefit any enterprise, regardless of the type of activity, sector and size of business. IT companies can also take advantage of the new data center as the technical basis for the quality of its services provided.

Data center "Riga" was built from scratch in accordance with European standards and building a data center designed according to the level TIER IV. For the distribution of power and cooling using several routes, engineering systems completely overlapped. This allows for a variety of maintenance work without interrupting critical IT processes, and the availability according to the TIER IV Uptime Institute is 99.995%.

Backup power systems APC Symmetra MW more than enough to power the entire IT infrastructure of the data center in the event of a power transmission line, before the switch to the main power source to the alternate (on a diesel generator or alternative power supply line). The power of the diesel generator SDMO is 1 MW. In case of fire in the data center have a modern gas fire suppression system FM200.

The corresponding micro-climate system supports Emerson Network Power. In the picture one of the devices cooling systems Emerson Network Power 555 kW.

The cooling system is 29 tons of cooling fluid which circulates through the premises with a data center via a special pumping station, located on the roof of the data center. "Smart" climate control system allows to maintain in each room required temperature data center - from 8 ° to 24 ° C. The cooled air is supplied to the server room through a raised floor openings NESITE. The height of the raised floor of 600mm and is also used for the construction of communications.

Data center "Riga" - provayderonezavisimy (carrier-neutral), provide a variety of communications providers. Among them, Global Crossing, Globalcom, Verizon, RETN.NET, Level3 Sommunications, Synterra. Speed ​​optical connection 10 Gbit / s are available direct links with Russia. Connections reach such high points of European data exchange as AMS-IX, DE-CIX, LINX and MSK-IX. Traffic is unlimited and is not considered for gigabytes, and immediately allocate the necessary bandwidth in a particular direction. From network infrastructure equipment is used CISCO, Juniper, Dell Powerconnect, HP and others.

All the doors in the data center and building - fireproof. Each electronic lock on the door using ID-Access. The movement of the building is only possible with a special chip card and accompanied by a security guard or employee of the company. The data center is provided round the clock security guards with widespread video surveillance.

Directly at the data center are certified IT professionals: experienced specialists Microsoft, Unix systems administrator and Oracle. Support continuously monitors and maintains normal operation of servers and storage systems of any vendor, as well as data center network systems. Customer equipment guaranteed fast response personnel in case of problems and immediate elimination of interference in accordance with the level of SLA. Support multi-language, communication is carried out, including the Russian and English languages. 

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