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Datacenter "Telehouse" in Frankfurte am Main, Germany

Data center is located just 3 km from the center of Frankfurt. The data center level of training "Tier 3" stretches over 67,000 m2, of which 25,000 m2 are fully prepared to accommodate the equipment. It is very safe, environmentally friendly and highly reliable data center (DC). Data center is connected to the second largest in Europe, Internet Exchange Point,
DE-CIX with more than 400 international and German providers and operators, making it
an ideal location for server and network equipment for small and medium-sized businesses.

Power supply:

  •     Power allocated for 1U unit can be up to 8 kW, and even more, if necessary, N +1 backup power circuit, battery powered
  •     Datacenter ready to give up 21MVA uninterruptible emergency power supply in case of Emergency Situations
  •     Perhaps the distribution of powers under the customer with individual power measurements
  •     The data center can operate autonomously for 3 days in case of power failure through a special diesel generators

Air conditioning:

  •     Backing air conditioning and cooling systems under the scheme N +1
  •     Room temperature is maintained at 24 ° C +2 / - 4 ° C
  •     The temperature in the data center is controlled by a sensor
  •     Relative humidity at 50% to 15%
  •     Sex is the bearing capacity of 5 to 15 kN / m2
  •     Raised thickness 300-700 mm

The system of telecommunications:


  •     The data center offers complete freedom of choice of service provider access to several major local and international network operators
  •     Optimum connection with the point of the international network exchange (DE-CIX)
  •     All online channels have a direct connection of fiber-optic communications lines

Fire alarm and fire fighting:

  •     Visual / thermal fire alarm on two levels (ceiling and a raised floor)
  •     Active fire fighting INERGEN
  •     Early fire detection (RAS system)

Security Systems:

  •     Video surveillance site data center with a record three months
  •     Video surveillance in premises data center
  •     The facility is surrounded by a high fence
  •     The system works 24/7 automatic monitoring data center
  •     24/7 in the datacenter are security staff
  •     The strict access authorization of personnel and customers
  •     Biometric access control on all doors

Compliance training:

    Telehouse in Frankfurt correspond to the level of training "Tier 3"
    The data center has been successfully been certified for compliance with quality standards IDW PS951 

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