Data centers


Data Center (from the English. Data center), or the center (storage), data (data center / TSHOD) - is a specialized building to house the (hosting) server and network equipment and connecting subscribers to channels on the Internet.

Data Center performs the functions of processing, storage and dissemination of information, as a rule, in the interests of corporate clients - it is focused on solving business problems by providing information services. The consolidation of computing resources and data storage in the data center can reduce total cost of ownership IT-infrastructure at the expense of opportunities for effective use of technology, for example, redistribution of loads, as well as by reducing administration costs.

Data centers are typically located within or in the vicinity of the communication node or point of presence of any one or more carriers. The quality and capacity of channels affect the level of services as the main criterion for evaluating the performance of any of the data center is a time server availability (uptime).

A typical data center consists of:

    information infrastructure that includes server hardware and provides the basic functions of the data center - data processing and storage;
    telecommunications infrastructure for the interconnection of elements of the data center, as well as data transfer between the data center and users;
    engineering infrastructure, ensuring the proper functioning of the main systems of the data center.

Engineering infrastructure includes: air-conditioning to keep the temperature and humidity levels within specified parameters; uninterrupted power supply for the battery life of the data center in case of power the central power supply; fire alarm and gas fire suppression system; Remote IP monitoring system, power management and access control.

Some data centers offer customers additional services for the use of equipment for the automatic maintenance of different types of attacks. A team of qualified specialists produce clock monitoring of all servers. It should be noted that the services of data centers differ in price and quantity of services. To ensure data backup systems are used up. To prevent data theft, data centers used different systems of physical access restrictions, video surveillance systems. In corporate (departmental) data centers are usually concentrated most of the servers of the organization. The equipment is mounted in specialized racks and enclosures. Typically, the data center to accommodate only take rackmount equipment, ie in cases of standard sizes adapted for mounting in a rack. The computer's chassis for desktop use inconvenient for data center and placed them rare.

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