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To automate information processes is to increase the productivity and efficiency of employees, improving the quality of information products and services, improving service efficiency and customer service.

Automation is based on the use of computer technology (CBT) and the required software. It can significantly reduce the service time users significantly improve their level of service, transforms and alters the individual processes, and sometimes - all the main technologies used traditionally. Automation, contributing to the elimination of many routine tasks, increasing comfort and efficiency at the same time work, providing users with new, previously unknown, the possibility of working with the information, and creates a new problem, the solution of which can only be done on the basis of the use of scientific methods and the use of new information technologies.

We formulate the main problem of automation of information processes. They aim to:

  •         reduction of labor costs in the performance of traditional information processes and operations;
  •         elimination of routine operations;
  •         expedite the processing and transformation of information;
  •         empowerment of the statistical analysis and improve the accuracy of accounting and accounting information;
  •         improving efficiency and quality service to users;
  •         upgrade or complete replacement of elements of traditional technologies;
  •         strengthening capacity and effective use of information resources through the use of new information technologies (automatic identification media, desktop publishing, scanning text, CD and DVD, remote access systems and telecommunications, e-mail and other Internet services, hypertext, full-text and graphic machine-readable data, and others. );
  •         facilitating opportunities for the exchange of information, participation in corporate and other projects that promote integration, etc.

When creating AIS is advisable to unify organized system (subsystem) for the convenience of their distribution, modification, maintenance, and training personnel to work with the appropriate software, the development of which AIS is connected to three main factors:

        existing software environment, the state of the system, application software, including database;
        the need for new developments (unreasonableness or upgrading old systems to adapt borrowed);
        availability of skilled developers.

Development (design) systems automate the processes of information system consists of two aspects: analysis and synthesis. The first involves the allocation of processes to be automated, their study, the identification of specific patterns, and other features. It is also necessary to determine the goals and objectives of the created system. The second aspect involves organizing the implementation of BAT for resulting analysis, technical, technological and software solutions.

The success of the design work is recommended to identify one or more prototypes designed facility on the basis of a number of design options (number, usually several times larger than the number of identified prototypes). For example, to determine the organizational and management structure automatable organization as a prototype, you can use its structure.

Then, from the resulting options should be selected alternative species. Taking into account the local conditions and local restrictions to reduce the remaining options, of which.

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