Data center in Moscow

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Data center in Moscow


Data center is located in the North-West of Moscow. It has all the necessary licenses to provide services. The data center was built in 2009 by all standards of quality. The level of data center complies with Tier III.

Power supply:


Total electric power data centers - 600 kW. Uninterruptible power supply is built with Emerson Power, including 4 units of 160 kW each, operating under the scheme N + 1.Dizel Coelmo-generator set to start within 10 seconds, with access to the operating mode for 30 seconds and provides performance within 6 hours at full load.

Air conditioning:


The optimum climate control in the rooms Data-center support air-conditioning system, built on the certificated equipment: air conditioners of precision Series Emerson Liebert HIROSS HPM. The equipment has a steam humidifiers and dehumidifiers, supports the need for humidity and air temperature. Cooling capacity of air conditioners - 56 kW. Inside the data center always respected climate control, and even in case of failure of one of the devices that implement the principles of (N + 1 backup equipment), maintains optimum climate in every situation.

The system of telecommunications:


The data center has access to a highly liquid networks Internet. Reliable communication is provided a stable external redundant channels and close cooperation with Internet service providers. Today, data centers are connected to the channels of the following statements: RetnNet 2Gbit / sec., MSK-IX (M9, M10), 2 Gbit / sec., ZAO "Digital Network» (MSM) 2Gbit / sec, Skadi Telecom + DataIX 2Gbit / sec. All channels are securely backed up and in case of failure of one of these sites and information services clients continue to work. In the future we plan to increase the number of reserve channels.

Fire alarm and fire-fighting:


The security system includes automatic fire alarm system, gas fire extinguishing agent - chladones, clock security facilities with the most modern systems for monitoring and alarm systems. Also, under constant supervision are communications and energy facilities.

Security system:


The data center is equipped with an access control system. The entire perimeter video surveillance. The building has 24-hour duty engineers and security. 


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