Web Applications

The company "Leading Technology" offers the development of web applications based on the most advanced existing technologies and copyright. Development of applications of any complexity (from standard to solve unique business problems) our experts with the obligatory account the individual characteristics of the business and prospects of its development, the data obtained from the analysis of the market, the order of urgency and so forth.
In the process of application development, we always stay within budget, laying at the same time, the project opportunities for further development and scaling. We can guarantee that all ordered in the company "leading technology" web application, regardless of the complexity of their implementation will be ready by the appointed date.
As a regular Web site, we are developing a web-based interface is integrated into the database useful tool for management and input-output.
Business-oriented WEB-application of LLC "Leading Technology" - is the new features and benefits:
To work with Web applications do not require installation on your computer. All you need to - any standard browser, as our applications are developed on the basis of cross-browser software. At the same time, when you change the version or new release of the application is no update client software is required.
Reduction of time costs on routine operations on input, processing and data in various formats, rather than through the use of data exchange by e-mail or mail convenient WEB-forms.
Ability WEB-connect system to any internal system (1S, mail, digital PBX, and so on.), Set up communication and synchronization.
The ability to create full-featured mobile application for the iPhone, the application iPad, applications for Android and other smartphones and gadgets, and integrate them with existing / create information systems. Our experts will also create a platform-independent software solutions, equally successfully coping with the problems on any modern mobile operating systems.
The possibility of cross-platform compatibility. Connect to the WEB-application you can from any operating system (MAC OS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, etc.). This feature allows you to reduce the cost and simplify the system, optimizing it for the demands and wishes of the customer.
The possibility of remote access to the system from anywhere in the world that is fundamental in cases where the organization is engaged in the rapid collection and subsequent processing of information received from different geographical regions, communicates with people who are at very large distances.
With web-applications from the company "leading technology" you will be able to effectively work the same way on a business trip from his home, while in the country, control workflow, sitting on the beach!
In the arsenal of developers Ltd. "Leading Technology" set of advanced tools to perform tasks of any complexity including: popular technologies and programming languages: PHP, JavaScript, XML, AJAX, XSL, CSS, HtML5; Databases: Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL development tools, design and environment: Zend Studio, NetBeans, Eclipse, UML, SVN, GIT and others.
Created by our specialists Web applications bring tangible results not only in the output stage of a new product or service to the market, but at a stage when the business is already working effectively and brings a stable income. 



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