Engineering Systems


"Leading Technology" offers its customers comprehensive services for the creation of engineering infrastructure of various objects with a high level of fault tolerance, safety and comfort.

Engineering expertise provides solutions to the following areas:

  •         engineering systems and networks (buildings, data centers)
  •         security and livelihoods
  •         system efficiency

During the construction of engineering infrastructure of the customer is offered the best solution, taking into account the object's class, the compatibility of IT systems, combined with each other with minimal cost (in terms of finance, time and labor), as well as the organization of their service on the optimal scenario. Further operation ensures easy addition of IT components of engineering infrastructure.

Engineering systems constitute the life support system of people and technology platform, which operate the other information and communication systems of the company.

"Leading Technology" offer services to its customers to deploy the following utilities:

  •         structured cabling system
  •         power supply system:
  •         total electricity
  •         Uninterruptible power supply
  •         uninterrupted power supply
  •         lighting system
  •         system air conditioning and ventilation
  •         water supply system
  •         sewerage system
  •         heating system
  •         system of time
  •         automated dispatch control system

Our company sells the full life cycle of building engineering infrastructure:

  •     design of engineering systems and networks
  •     supervision of construction engineering services
  •     technical inspection of facilities and engineering infrastructure
  •     supply of engineering equipment
  •     construction engineering services, installation and commissioning
  •     operation of engineering systems and networks, maintenance facilities

To find out the cost of services, select a convenient way to contact us:

  •     Call: + 7 (495) 943-20-81
  •     Ask a question online: Online consultant
  •     Write in the mail: salesvt (@) 

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