Guaranteed channel in Moscow to 10Gbps


Guaranteed link allows you to combine office and data center into a single protected corporate network with a guaranteed bandwidth of up to 10Gbps \ s. Guaranteed channel is used when the bandwidth "normal" access to the Internet is not enough for a stable origanizatsii data access.

This service also allows you to achieve the following objectives:

  •     exchange of commercially confidential information;
  •     shared databases and business applications in the "online";
  •     voice communication, video conferencing and video streaming;
  •     ensure the stable operation of enterprise systems (ERP, CRM) for all geographically distributed offices.

To transmit heterogeneous traffic to varying degrees to the critical quality parameters, such as packet delay, packet loss rate data, oscillation of network delays, there are three classes of service:

  •     real-time - traffic real-time applications (voice / video), for which the critical delay and packet jitter, and there are restrictions on the possible share of packet loss;
  •     business-critical - traffic for corporate information systems, which are critical for the percentage of lost packets of information;
  •     best-effort - the traffic of applications that are allowed delays and loss of share packages (http, ftp, e-mail) in the presence of high-priority traffic.

An extensive range of data rates allows to pick up the necessary bandwidth of 64 kb / s to 10 Gbit / s, depending on the business needs of your company. The company "leading technology" is a partner of a wide range of telecommunications providers both in Russia and abroad. 





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