Rent a private cloud for business in Germany

The company "leading technology" offers:

  •     Demand generation and placement purposes
  •     Building a private cloud in Russia and Europe
  •     The collection, preparation and transport of sensitive information
  •     The use of the latest technologies based virtualization KVM, VMWare ESXi
  •     Creating a failover cluster configurations of any complexity
  •     Further support for the project and modernization
  •     A fully integrated approach to data security
  •     We carry only the working solutions that enable you to work comfortably

Cloud computing in computer science - a model for ubiquitous and convenient network access on demand to the total pool of configurable computing resources (eg, data networks, servers, storage devices, applications and services - both together and separately) that can be promptly provided and released with minimal operating costs and / or calls to the ISP.

    Self-service on demand (Eng. Self service on demand), the consumer determines and modifies the computing needs, such as server time, access speed and data processing, the amount of stored data without interaction with a representative of the service provider;
    Universal access network services available to consumers over a data network is used depending on the terminal device;
    Pooling resources (eng. Resource pooling), service provider combines the resources to service a large number of customers in a single pool for dynamic reallocation of power between consumers in a constantly changing demand for power; while consumers control only the basic parameters of services (for example, the amount of data access speed), but the actual distribution of the resources provided to the consumer, the supplier carries out (in some cases, consumers may still control some physical parameters of redistribution, for example, to specify the desired data center For reasons of proximity);
    Elasticity, services can be provided, expanded narrowed at any time, without any additional costs for the interaction with the supplier, usually in an automatic mode;
    Accounting for consumption, the service provider will automatically calculate the resources consumed to at a certain level of abstraction (eg, the amount of stored data, bandwidth, number of users, number of transactions), and based on these data, estimates the volume of services provided to consumers.

From the point of view of the supplier, by combining resources and intermittent consumption by consumers, cloud computing allows economies of scale, using less hardware resources than would be required with the dedicated hardware facilities for each user, but due to the automation of resource allocation modification significantly reduce the for subscription services.

From a consumer perspective, these characteristics allow to obtain services with high availability (Eng. High availability) and low risk of failure, to ensure rapid scaling due to the elasticity of a computer system without the need to create, maintain and upgrade its own hardware infrastructure.

The convenience and flexibility of access provided by the wide availability of services and support for various classes of terminal devices (PCs, mobile phones, internet tablets).

Consumers of cloud computing can greatly reduce the cost of information technology infrastructure (in the short and medium term), and to respond flexibly to changing computing needs using computational properties of elasticity (Eng. Elastic computing) cloud services.

Our company offers rental of virtual capacity for any business problem. Virtual cloud - is the physical resources that have independent physical infrastructure provides you the required amount of processing power, memory, hard disk (s) to which you can independently control.

Remote virtual cloud allows dynamic use of resources and to respond quickly to the growing needs in informatsionnyz resources. You are provided with a reliable and modern solution that will grow your business equivalent. Full control on all data and the ability to connect their virtual data, makes this solution optimal in terms of total cost vladeniya.Virtualnye clouds increasingly proving effective and conquer new horizons of business.

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