IT design


Building a reliable, high-performance, scalable IT infrastructure that satisfies the company's business processes - a complex, multi-faceted and multi-step task is practically solved by the in-house staff, as requires the involvement of a large number of highly qualified professionals with experience in the creation, support and continuous improvement of existing IT infrastructure.

IC design, as a rule, does not have an explicit start and end, because, in addition to the actual design phase, includes a lot of preparatory pre-work and continues in the implementation phase, through the modernization of commercial operation of the system established to ensure continued compliance with the company's business needs, while minimizing its costs.

The company "Leading Technology" offers the following services in the field of IC design, which may be provided as a package or separately:

1) Formation of IP requirements:
- Inspection of the object of the customer and the rationale for the creation of IP;
- Formation of user requirements for IP;

2) the development of the concept of IP and its variants that satisfy user requirements;

3) development together with the customer / user requirements specification for the creation of IP and its approval by the customer;

4) development, conceptual, technical projects, working documentation or technical detailed design;

5) Development of job design, architectural, construction project for engineering support generated by IP:

    electricity, including those guaranteed by using diesel generators;
    uninterruptible power supply;
    ventilation and air conditioning;
    integrated security systems: video surveillance, including security, control and access control, burglar alarms, etc .;
    monitoring system parameters IP systems engineering and environment
    architectural solutions for the adaptation of buildings and building sites for providing IP and engineering systems;

6) Development of project documentation to ensure the upgrading of existing information systems;

7) Ensure consistency of project documentation developed with stakeholders and passing the state examination;

8) exercise supervision over the process of construction and commissioning of IP.

We design and provide support at all stages of the life cycle of the following systems:

- Data centers, including computing systems, storage and data backup;
- Structured wiring systems of buildings;
- Local and corporate data networks;
- External communication network;
- The system for audio and video conferencing, telepresence;
- Warning system and speakerphone;
- System of a single time;
- Automated control systems flow of customers;
- Premises physical security of IT equipment;
- Information security system;
- Integrated automated systems management enterprise (organization). 



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