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Services "Leading Technology" for technological support systems on the platform of "1C: Enterprise 8" include a set of measures for maintenance and optimization of hardware and software solutions to improve their performance and reliability - as in the implementation phase, and in the process ekspluatatsii.Uslugi on technology support and optimization of systems 1C are designed for businesses that work with heavy duty systems "1C: Enterprise 8" .Praktika shows that work on optimizing applications 1C is required in companies that:

  •     Use complex geographically distributed systems
  •     Slozhnointegrirovannye exploit information systems in conjunction with the program "1C: Enterprise 8"
  •     Employ more than 100 employees to work in a knowledge base "1C: Enterprise 8"
  •     Working with data volumes from 5GB in one database

Within the framework of the provision of services in support of technological systems 1C "Leading Technology" provides:

1. The fault-tolerant systems by minimizing the probability of failure and the scale of the consequences:


  •     Server clustering system "1C: Enterprise 8"
  •     Clustering database servers
  •     Develop plans for backup and recovery systems

2. Performance systems by improving the system's ability to cope with high loads:


  •     Monitoring and support performance
  •     Optimizing Configuration
  •     Hardware
  •     Configure servers 1C and database servers
  •     Regulatory procedures

3. Scalability systems:

  •     Growth analysis database and users
  •     Scenario testing
  •     Monitoring of the current status and preventive work on the preparation of systems to increase the load

Complex technological support systems to avoid a number of serious problems:


  •     Lack of overall system performance: system users can expect the completion of operations for the documents or reports of the formation of one or two minutes to several hours
  •     Inability to parallel operation users to perform any action on the system, it is necessary to wait until the operation completed other users
  •     To malfunction: The system can generate an error and shut down, resulting in the loss of unsaved user data
  •     Availability of information systems: in cases of "freezing" the application servers, the company suspended work

As a result of work on the technological support systems 1C increases the stability of the company as a whole due to:


  •     Reduce system downtime, reducing business risks and increase employee productivity
  •     Improve the performance and availability of systems that can reduce unplanned downtime to a minimum of
  •     Guarantees of safety information, which is an important advantage in the use of a complex scheme of corporate information systems 1C (various entities and units)
  •     Optimize the structure of the data, thus avoiding slowdowns when large number of users or performing resource-intensive routine operations
  •     More efficient use of available resources that can reduce costs for the purchase of additional equipment.

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