Updating the software 1C

Advantages of Information Technology Services (1C: ITS)


To use all the features of a family of "1C: Enterprise" with maximum efficiency and keep a record of correctly and efficiently, it is necessary to use in the most modern methods of record keeping abreast of the latest changes in the law and regularly update the program. When updating 1C may change the rules of registration documents, as new standards in legislation. Can also change the algorithm for calculating data, regulated reporting. We provide clients with information-technological support.

Sign up for the technological support (ITS) is a necessary and indispensable condition for the possibility of service partners "1C" of your company.

1C: ITS 8 - a comprehensive information technology support users "1C: Enterprise". It includes professional information system for software users "1C", and service and consulting services. The first 6 months after the acquisition of the software product "1C: Enterprise" version of the TRAC information technology support provided to users at no additional charge. Further support is carried out within the framework of the agreement to pay 1C: ITS version 8.

Professional Information System


Subscribe ITS TECHNO - is the possibility of legal updates acquired programs. Subscribe ITS TRAC - the maximum amount of information and services provided by the company "1C". The structure of the last part of an information system that contains software updates and an extensive library of materials to work with the program "1C", accounting and tax accounting and reporting, human resources, legal issues, and so on. The information available to users on the Internet and on DVD-monthly releases.

Monthly sales service includes:


  •     Update releases job database
  •     Update releases shell program
  •     Updating the regulatory reporting forms
  •     Update classifiers (addresses, banks, etc.)
  •     Opportunity to receive updates via the Internet
  •     Ability to install updates to multiple information types of configurations
  •     Line consultation
  •     Methodological support
  •     Delivering discs ITS
  •     A single packet of information needed for everyday work, provided in the references
  •     Qualified service engineers

Only we have all service engineers certified in the company "1C" and will be able to correctly install updates and make a backup copy of the database.


We understand how important it is to upgrade the program in the reporting period, so expanding the staff at these times and control to every meeting was held with the client.


When a new release of the program we will notify you immediately and offer to upgrade the program.


Not to wait for delivery of ITS disk, which is especially important in the reporting period, suggest tariff plan "Remote". Its main advantage - the speed upgrade. Usually within the first 5-days of the month we remotely update the program and make the necessary copies of databases. CDs and magazines are sent in parallel, and after 5-8 days will be delivered to you by courier. Customers are very satisfied.

Line consultation

It offers free advice line. We will help you effectively use the program, consult with respect to accounting and tax records, personnel records and payroll for wages, for taxes and contributions and other matters relating to programs "1C".


We offer service and consulting services that work accountant was as comfortable as possible. They include all kinds of consultations (not only the program, but also in accounting, tax and personnel matters) and maintenance work programs "1C" and keeping them up to date and working condition.

To find out the cost of services, select a convenient way to contact us:

  •     Call: + 7 (495) 943-20-81
  •     Ask a question online: Online consultant
  •     Write in the mail: salesvt (@) vedteh.ru 

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